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                                        800-5-BEEMER Hours: 8am-5pm CST M-Fri 24/7 Emergency Service


                                        Beemer Companies does large and small excavation jobs, including basements, grove removal, building pads, livestock barns and pits, and complete site development.

                                        CRANE SERVICE

                                        With a 40-ton hydraulic crane, Beemer Companies is proud to meet all your crane lifting, riging, and signal personal needs.

                                        24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE

                                        When disaster strikes, Beemer Companies knows that quick response is vital to minimizing downtime and safety risk exposure.

                                        WELL DRILLING

                                        • Abandonment / Sealing
                                        • Well Cleaning
                                        • Well Rehabilitation
                                        • Video Inspection
                                        • Geo-thermal

                                        SEPTIC SERVICE

                                        • Design / Installation
                                        • Cleaning / Pumping
                                        • Maintenance
                                        • Compliance Inspections
                                        • Hydro-Cleaning
                                        • Sewer Camera Inspection


                                        • Excavating
                                        • Demolition
                                        • Utilities - Sewer & Water
                                        • Trucking
                                        • Aggregate
                                        • Wetland & Lakeshore Restoration


                                        • 40-ton Hydraulic Crane
                                        • 2 man basket
                                        • NCCO Certified Operator
                                        • NCCO Certified Rigger / Signal


                                        PUMP SERVICE

                                        • Well Pump
                                        • Lift Stations
                                        • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pumps
                                        • Constant Pressure pumps
                                        • 24 hour service


                                        OTHER SERVICES

                                        • Hydrovacing
                                        • Concrete work
                                        • Asbestos Abatement
                                        • Video Inspection (Sewer & Water)
                                        • Geo-thermal
                                        • Trenching (including frost)
                                        • Environmental Cleanup

                                        WELL REHABILITATION

                                        Beemer Companies has the ability to rehabilitate your well by use of our non-destructive and environmentally friendly technology. Our AIRSHOCK® system uses compressed gas in a continuous accumulation with its repeated sudden pulsing release. The AIRSHOCK® system provides unparalleled efficiency in formation permeability enhancement and cleanout of all types of wells.

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                                        Beemer Companies has sand, gravel and various rocks available for delivery from our pit and pick up in Fairmont. Other aggregate is available when needed to complete your project and meet specifications.

                                        AVAILABLE AGGREGATE

                                        • 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", and Rip-Rap Quartzite
                                        • Fill Sand
                                        • Class 5 - Natural
                                        • Class 5 - Concrete Recycle
                                        • 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", and Rip-Rap Limestone
                                        • Wash Sand
                                        • Black Dirt
                                        • Pea Rock

                                        SEPTIC SERVICE

                                        Beemer Companies is your one stop shop: Design, inspection, new installation, and cleaning. From residential to industrial systems. Our installers are licensed and have years of experience. We offer service to backup your sewage backups, whether you need repairs or routine tank cleaning and inspection.
                                        When was the last time your tank was cleaned?

                                        OFFERING THE BEST LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE

                                        As a 5th generation family owned business that started in 1916, Beemer Companies has a long history of providing quality full-service to the needs of; homeowners, agriculture, municipalities, ethanol plants, engineers, and developers.

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                                        Address: 1988 135th Street, Fairmont MN 56031

                                        Phone: 800-5-BEEMER

                                        Fax: 507-235-6722

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